Your perfectly practical packing guide for a week long trip to Europe!

Packing for a weekend out of town is stressful enough, much less packing for a week half way across the world! We tend to always follow the two extremes, either under packing or overpacking. Its hard to say which is worse, because both can leave us feeling a bit helpless and the worst feeling of all, unprepared! But no worries, there is a science to the art of packing, and we are here to share a few helpful tips to leave you feeling prepared and ready for adventure! Whether you are wondering the Louvre in Paris, tasting pizza in Italy, or catching a show in London, the last thing you want to think about on your European vacation, wherever that may be, is the lack of appropriate clothes. 

There are always three key rules when packing for a long haul! I like to call it the "SVC"...
    1. Simple- Pack clothes that travel well. A fun Zoa top can go along way without taking much room in our suitcase. 
    2. Versatile- Go for clothes that can be put together in multiple ways and give you multiple outfits to choose from. A great pair of Drew shorts can be worn everyday as you walk around in flats or can be paired with wedges for a night out.
    3. Comfortable- Being comfortable is key when sight seeing, epically if its hot outside. Bella Dahl will be your best friend oversees. A lightweight colored shirt is breezy and so soft you will feel invincible as you take on Europe!

The Packing List!


Zoa navy and white stripped tank
Simple- This Zoa tank packs like a dream!
Versatile- It would look great tucked into a cute skirt or white jeans for a day and night look.
Comfortable- You will feel breezy and airy as you cruise around town!

Bella Dahl pink collared shirt    
Simple- This shirt will take up no room in your suitcase and fit perfectly in those tiny hotel closets
Versatile- Pair it with jeans or shorts and you can't lose!
Comfortable- As mentioned before, Bella Dahl is a travelers best friend with the light fabric and an ultra soft feel.


Julie Brown white short
Simple- These white shorts will be your friend on your trip. One good pair of white shorts will be a staple for your               European wardrobe
Versatile- The best part of white shorts? THEY GO WITH JUST ABOUT ANYTHING! You can't lose!
Comfortable- They still feel soft! who knew shorts can be soft?!? Take my word for it! And did I mention they are on sale?!? What a bonus!

Bella Dhal Denim Shorts Paired with Blue Bella Dhal Top

Bella Dhal Denim Shorts Paired with Blue Bella Dhal Top

Bella Dahl Denim Shorts
Simple- A good denim wash is sometimes all an outfit needs to pair with the perfect top     
Versatile- It looks great with a loose top for those of you who are traveling to hot places, and those heading a bit cooler destination a sweater paired with them is also a winning look.
Comfortable- Once again, the Bella Dahl fabric will serve you well and keep you going!


Paige Jeans paired with Zoa White Tank

Paige Jeans paired with Zoa White Tank


All you need is a white pair and denim pair, and you are ready to roll! 
Denim Paige Jeans-
Simple- Your favorite wash of jeans will serve you well as you feel your best by slipping on your best jeans.
Versatile- The best part about jeans? They are perfect for both day and night!
Comfortable- You can walk, run, sit, whatever you like and your comfy jeans will be with you every step of the way!

White DL1961 Jeans-
Simple- Slip on your white jeans if you are feeling bright and cheery and fold them and throw them in your suitcase when your done.
Versatile- White jeans are perfect for a day of sight seeing or for a night out on the town. Dress them up or down, you have the power to do both! Worried about getting something on them!? They're easier to clean than anything else because bleach is an international commodity ;)
Comfortable- It always strikes me that white jeans make me feel like a million bucks, but I can rest assured that my white jeans will make me feel my best! 


Zoa Maxi Dress Paired with White Akola Necklace

Zoa Maxi Dress Paired with White Akola Necklace

The key to dresses when traveling is to take two or three that you can wear both during the day and at night and having a strong sense of confidence in what you are wearing them. 

Zoa orange maxi dress
Simple- This dress is perfect for just about any outing or occasion planned. Just slip it on and head out for the town!
Versatile- It looks great with both gladiator sandals or wedges, whatever the occasion, this dress will suit your needs
Comfortable- This breezy dress will serve you well wondering during the day or out in the night. You will always feel comfortable to seek adventure

Raoul Black and White Dress-
Simple- While this dress is filled with pattern, the cut of the dress is without a doubt gorgeous! There is really only need for that one perfect night dress, and this one is a winner!
Versatile- This dress can be paired with pumps and be a knock out at any dinner, party, or show. But it can also be paired with flats as you explore. This dress is so classic, there are endless possibilities!
Comfortable- Not only is this dress comfortable, but the feeling of looking great is a comfort you can't always get from soft fabric.

Packing is an art form that most of us practice our whole lives and feel we can never get it right. But with the right packing guidelines and always asking if something follows the criteria of "SVC" you can't lose! So throw those white jeans and breezy shirts in your suitcase and prepare for the trip of a lifetime, all while looking fashionable!


That top is GORGEOUS…but my sweet little girl would ruin it in less than a minute.”
”I SO wish I could wear that skirt…but it would not be so cute as i bend down to pick up my screaming toddler at Target (while everyone is already looking anyway).”
”Those wedges are killer…but I would also kill myself trying to wear them at the baseball field.

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