Why do women wear jackets on their shoulders??

Why not wear a jacket the way it's "supposed" to be worn? Many could debate different reasons for this interesting new trend but, regardless, it is something that has been seen more and more often these days!


For me, it's all about convenience…it's just easy...for a short walk to a restaurant on a chilly night, or walking to your car…when it's snowing instead of acting like spring time! Others have different thoughts. As disccused in BuzzFeed…it might be that women are so excited to get there their newest fall coats out, but it may still be that 90 degrees outside. Another reason could be the "between the fence" mindset. The debate between a tight arm coat, or the bracelet stack up. This way you could easily do both!

Kelly Framel, The Glamourai, references being a charity gala and sitting next to Ken Downing, who told her "a true lady NEVER wears her arms through her sleeves and especially not for the evening" If this is a true statement, I think we can all agree there would be many less "true women" out there…but why not give it a try! See what you think!


Nobody could know the true reason for its trend, but we can know it's surely catching on! At the basis of it all, it seems almost something girls did in high school, wearing their beau's lettermen jackets or nice dress coats. Some even speculate it could be the preppy sweater tied over the neck as a comeback in a more chic look!

Whatever it is, it is a great look we can provide for you at the K. McCarthy Fashion Truck! Contact us for the perfect "over the shoulder" that may be just the thing for the spring season, with AND without the sleeves!

Grand Opening Tomorrow

I cannot BELIEVE K. McCarthy opens shop tomorrow! It's here, it's really here...and we're ALMOST ready! 

It has been a journey... one that I will always look back on fondly! From our Orlando adventure to the truck dying as we pulled into Nashville, to learning to use a saw and put in crown molding...and lots and lots of painting, it has been an adventure! And, now, to my dream coming true...it sure has been a fun ride! And will hopefully be even more fun! 

Here's a little glimpse of what is coming TOMORROW!